West Coast Manufacturing | About
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We began as a small brown and sharp screw machine shop in 1993. With nearly 20 years of in-depth experience producing high precision parts, West Coast Manufacturing is the leading manufacturer of spray system component for the commercial warewash industry.

All products manufactured with the utmost precision utilizing high precision multi-axis CNC and swiss style machine center. All product are meticulously scrutinized by our quality control deparment to ensure your setisfaction.

We rely on our customer to assist us to improve our product. Your feedback allows as to innovate and customize product to cater to your need . We welcome inquiry along with your feedback


At West Coast Manufacturing the success of our company revolves around quality efficiency, expertise, enthusiasm, and attitude. Excellence in high precision machine results not only from our “high tech” facility and machines but also from the highest level of training combined with tireless dedication toward our clients.

Our number one priority is to excel at machining, manufacturing and interpersonal aspects of complete customer services. We aspire and drive forward to be the leading provider of innovative machining and manufacturing solution along with unbridled customer service.

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